Supply availability as a competetive advantage

With a large and varied range of over 3,000 products that are also readily available, we are now involved specifically in project work as a reliable full service provider. The combination of functioning internal logistics and our own fleet enable our customers to take full advantage of just-in-time deliveries on construction sites too.


Having our own shipping department provides crucial logistics benefits. Every day, our fleet team drives sixteen HGVs fully equipped with communications and loading technology across the country based on a precise schedule. Our transport capacity amounts to 34,000 tonnes with 18,000 loading and unloading procedures and approximately 1.1 million kilometres driven each year.

As we have our own fleet, we are able to provide a nationwide empty drum pickup return service

Fitted lengths

We can quickly and reliably produce the fitted lengths our customers request. As we have a total of eight coiling machines in various designs and sizes, we can respond very flexibly to individual customer needs. We can easily handle a drum measuring 3m in diameter and weighing 12 tonnes. Our annual output is approximately 120,000 order-related fitted lengths.




Logistic sites

Material flow-oriented processes and generously proportioned logistics sites of 113,000m² enable us to meet exacting demands in terms of storage, internal transport, supply to the coiling machines and commissioning. Having our own CNG natural gas station means we can focus on the environment as well as economic factors when transporting our products internally.