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Benefits for our customers

Storage in bulk

Connecting cables – as the industry leader, we make this promise to our customers. As a strong partner, Meinhart stands for the best possible reliability and, with 15,000 tons of metal in the cable, has one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories in Europe. For you as our customer, this means better availability and faster delivery - even in difficult times.

Complete range

Diversity and availability come first. It doesn't matter whether you need large quantities, thick cross-sections, small packages, a 15 ton drum, rings, custom lengths, special items or bulk goods or all of the above: You can rely on Meinhart Cables, we'll do it!

Fast response times

Timing is everything. From the inquiry to the offer to delivery: fast response times and flexibility in customer requirements are part of our service. An extremely high degree of delivery capability is part of our competitive advantage.

No metal risk

The high volatility of copper and aluminum prices can be cut down by our large stock, which our customers can access on a daily basis. We manage the significant storage and metal risk associated with cables and wires.

Custom lengths

Custom lengths requested by our customers are manufactured quickly and reliably. A total of 10 rewinding systems in various technical designs and sizes enable us to react very flexibly to individual customer requirements. A drum diameter of 3 meters and a weight of 12 tons can be handled without any problems. Output per year: approx. 89,000 order-related custom lengths.


Our own forwarding department creates decisive logistic advantages. 7 trucks fully equipped with communication and loading technology in our own fleet and 8 branded Meinhart trucks from a long-standing and reliable forwarding partner guarantee unloading by crane and are steered by our team to your warehouse, to your construction site, to your customers every day.

Just-in-time delivery

Due to the large assortment depth of more than 6,000 items, we appear on the market as a reliable full-service provider, especially in the project business. The combination of functioning internal logistics and our own fleet of vehicles enables our customers to take advantage of just-in-time delivery, even on construction sites.

Return service for empty drums

With our own fleet of vehicles we can offer both: supply and return-service. On the way back from delivery, we offer a nationwide drum pick-up service. With every cable drum that we retrieve, our customers make a joint contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation.