Ability to deliver as a competitive advantage

Due to the large range depth of over 3,000 products with high availability at the same time, we appear on the market as a reliable full-service provider, especially in the project business. The combination of functioning internal logistics and our own fleet of vehicles enables our customers to take advantage of "just in time" delivery, even on construction sites.

Logistics performance in numbers

Incoming goods annual performance

- 5.000 trucks
- 47.000 drums
- 71.000 pallets

Delivery annual performance

- 32.000 shipments (128/day))
- 10.000 trucks (40/day)
- 91.000 tons (365 t/day)
- 8 own trucks

    89.000 measurements
    on 10 rewinding systems

      218.000 picked order items


      Our own forwarding department creates decisive logistic advantages. Our fleet team steers 16 trucks, fully equipped with communication and charging technology, across Austria every day according to a precise plan. The transport capacity is 34,000 tons with 18,000 unloading/loading processes and around 1.1 million kilometers driven per year. With our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to offer a nationwide empty drum return service.

       Pass lengths / workers at Meinhart company / warehouse


      Custom lengths requested by our customers are manufactured quickly and reliably. A total of 8 rewinding systems in various technical designs and sizes enable us to react very flexibly to individual customer requirements. A drum diameter of 3m and a weight of 12 tons can be handled without any problems. Output per year: approx. 120,000 order-related passport lengths.

      logistics spaces


      Material flow-oriented processes and generously dimensioned logistics areas of 113,000 m² enable us to meet the high requirements in terms of storage, internal transport, provision at the rewinding systems and order picking. Our own CNG natural gas filling station allows us to focus not only on economic efficiency but also on environmental considerations when transporting our products within the company.